Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mission Call

Happy Day.
Christian got home from BYUH last week and has stalked the mailbox everyday since!
He's been looking for his letter that would inform him of where he was to serve his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 2 years.
This has been a day talked about in our home since the kids were old enough talk about their Uncles who all served missions throughout the world and old enough to watch the Elders in our Wards and in our homes. We have heard Mark's mission stories from France and Belgium, serious and funny.

Christian came in from the mailbox today walking towards me while I was getting ready to pick Michael up from school early (sick) and said, "Mom!" holding up a large white envelope, "THIS holds my mission call!". I went from 3rd to 5th gear!!!
While I went to get Michael we rounded up everyone by phone and computer. On Skype on one computer we had Mark, on speaker phone we had Lauren and Jonathan, on Christian's computer Christian had his college roommate. Christian gathered up our wonderful neighbor who was getting his mail, and the boys' friend, Kyle. Kathryn and Michael were in the room. I was filming and Christian was opening and reading:
We are so very happy for Christian.
He'll do so well.
We have confidence that he'll face his challenges with strength and humility.
We know he's a solid person, having faced so much already in his life.
Christian is good to people and he already loves Texas, Southwestern Food, Mexican Food, football, diversity, and good Christian people. He is a hard worker who isn't quick to complain. He isn't interested in getting attention or attaining stuff or accolades. He just wants to be happy and see others happy, too. He's a good man. I pray that the people he gets to be with, teach,
and help get to see all of the good we see in him, too.
We feel blessed to have you as a son, Christian
and we feel blessed to know that you're ready
and up for the experience of doing something bigger that you
in the name of the Savior,
for good people.
We know the Lord will walk with you, care for you. You're His.
Oh, how we love you, Son.
It's a good, good day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Part Deux

Easter Egg Hunt Part 1

Pre-Easter Egg Hunt:

Eater Egg Hunt Fun!

Only Blue Eggs for Kathryn!

Easter Morning

Happy Easter!