Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tates Creek Swim Banquet

We had the Tates Creek Swim Banquet a few weeks ago. It was a very nice evening and the Seniors were great. We're very proud of them!
Michael, as a Sophomore did a great job this year he got the coaches award and only got into trouble throwing bananas out the window at his friends and ringing some college bell they saw on the way home from Transy.
He didn't steal the cup :)
The board was so wonderful to work with. We had a lot of things for the kids during the season (Pasta dinner at Moodys before meets and such) and great fun with the final meets the kids qualified for. The cake on this blog is one that I made for the banquet.
The team is called the "Creekfish" swim team. One of the great moments was when our boys won the regional swim meet. It was a complete team effort with no first place wins! Very good two day meet for the Creekfish. .

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So today, I was on the computer typing up stuff for our rentals and Miss Kathryn came up to me with corn that she wanted heated up. ( If you know us, you know that I'm ok with the kids figuring out what they want, and getting it at the youngest ages possible).
Anyway, I asked K. to wait a second while I typed in my last 2 sentences but requested (because she was right by the computer with a not so reliable plastic container) that she sit down and wait. I said pointing at the corn in the container, "Now don't touch it while you wait, k?"
I started typing and saw this long 3 yr old finger reach out and touch the container!
I couldn't help it. I tried not to laugh but said, "You did NOT just do that!"
She did and she did it again and just started to giggle at me!
Oh I'm in so much trouble.