Monday, September 29, 2008

Soooo, when does a toddler stop napping?
Just about 3 days ago, Kathryn, who isn't a good sleeper to start with, wouldn't settle down for her nap. So I went in her room, laid down on the twin bed in her room and kept shushhing her to settle down. She started to settle down to the movie "Happy Feet". She loves the music and dancing on that movie. But I dozed off for a minute and woke up to her jumping up and down in her bed to a very lively song from the movie. I shusshhhed her once more and she settled down again. The next thing I know, an hour or so later, I open my eyes and look over to my quiet little girl. She looks over at me bright eyed and says, "All Done?"
What?! I got a nap and she enjoyed her movie. Such a deal. I guess we're on to bigger things than naps now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

She's 2!

What a fun night with our neighbors! Kathryn had her cake and friends and neighbors who dote over her on a daily basis. Who could ask for more?

Kathryn loved every present and wouldn't take off her new rain boots (botes).

Here are some pictures of Christian and Jonathan and their dates, Courtney and Lizza before TCHS's Homecoming dance. They met for some pictures and headed off with their group to dinner and the dance. By all reports everyone had a great time!

Here are some pictures from the Homecoming Football game for TCHS. Jonathan just started with the team about 4 weeks ago with our move and all and is playing QB. He is very happy to be playing and loves the game and his coaches.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daddy Daughter Swimming

Kathryn LOVED her Daddy Daughter swimming time this week. Here are some pictures:

Just one of those casual Ellsworth gatherings

How fun to be able to just get together on short notice. We were able to visit at the Fraziers with Lauren with us. Sara and family where there as was Jon and family (even with Ange and her yucky back problems!)

The cousins ran around the yard in kid bliss. Lauren helped with Kathryn just 'cause that sister time is precious now. :)

We adults visited, laughed and talked serious (well, the guys did).

Jacob and Josh put together a great fire for the smores. I love the smell of campfires!

I also got to hold baby Claire, who Kathryn could not keep her hands off of. Claire is beautiful and so patient.

Sara had something in her eye. I tried to help by taking a picture of it.

Our Utah Hosts

We stayed with Sara and Bryan and family for a few days while we took care of Lauren and her BYU business. Kathryn loved her cousins! The two Kathryns hung out and our Kathryn learned a little about trampolines. It was very fun.

Mark had to take some work phone calls at one point. I was trying to find Kate and this is what I found. Sooooo cute!! Kate loves her Uncle Mark.

Kate found some pretty flowers for us.

A BYU Dropoff

We did it!!! Lauren is officially a happy swimming cougar! She really is very happy with her roommates, Swim teammates, and new friends (including her 2nd cousin!). Mark and I are thrilled for her. She even liked college after 2 days of classes.

We visited the Athletic Center and her dorms and the Canon Center as well as some other key places in our 3 days of the drop off. Boy have things changed and for the better.

Kathryn loved seeing her big sister. She would yell across the quad at Helaman Halls, or the Canon Center, or the Bookstore: "Lowen!!". We all just loved it all. At one point we were dropping some items off in her room for her and Kathryn-as she has done many times- put on Lauren's shoes and walked around in them saying, "Cooote!, Cute!" (Lauren taught her that).

Here are some pictures from our visit. I'll add a couple more.

Here's Mark at the Student Athlete Center in it's 3 story lobby. Very nice with all of the athletic awards over time including a Heisman!