Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Trip to the NE

We had a wonderful road trip with a fun stop in Maryland and on up to the Boston area for Grace's Baptism.

First we visited with Uncle Adam and Aunt Maricel and Cousin Des. They were wonderful hosts with our midnight arrival and long morning visit. The cousins had so much fun! Well, Michael slept a bit after driving for about 5 hours of the 8+ hour drive while Mom and Kathryn hung out a bit.

We got to see their home and neighborhood (very cool and close to DC), visit with Mari's Dad, look at paint colors and just relax.

We headed North around nap time/lunch time. This would be our first time driving the East Coast like this. Mom took a picture of Michael (green shirt) and Kathryn walking into a Rest Stop in Delaware. We loved the rest stops. They had gas and food and clean bathrooms!!!

On the way to the Boston area we went right by NYC and with the light reflecting just right, we were able to see the Statue of Liberty. Very COOL.

With Jim out of town, we just drove by Manhattan and waved.

Mari and Adam told us to make sure that we took the "upper" level of the George Washington bridge. We only hit a little bumper to bumper traffic there and in the first part of Conn.

Once we got to the Menzie's town we were home free!

We helped get things ready for visitors the first day and on Thursday we were able to see some of the wonderful Boston sites like the North Church, USS Constitution, and Bunker Hill.

In the afternoon the girls had a fun Spa Birthday party with Grandma Ilene running the show.

While the girls played the boys went fishing. They caught, they skinned and all had fun.

On Saturday evening we all went to the baptism for Grace. It was wonderful!

The next morning Michael, Kathryn and Mom headed back to Lexington for the week ahead. The drive back took us more west through beautiful countrysides in NY, CONN, NJ, etc. Michael got tons of drive time in just in time to be well ready for his drivers test the next week. It was really helpful, too!