Sunday, October 23, 2011

Preschool Day at Boyd's Orchard

Kathryn in line for the Hayride. She got yummy apple cider and and apple cider doughnut!

 Kathryn's PreSchool went to Boyd's orchard last week. Elizabeth went with us and boy was it a perfect fall day for the kids!

On top of it being a wonderful day for the kids, Mom got to visit with a very wonderful friend of the Moodys, Karen Allen who what there with her grandkids. What a treat that was, too.
Mom Plopped Elizabeth right in the pumpkin patch :)

We found some pumpkins, picked some apples, and Kathryn played and played and played on all of the slides, on the haystacks and on the play ground equipment. Autumn Heaven!

Primary Program

Kathryn and Elizabeth together before church today in their new dresses
Elizabeth took over Mommy's hymnal
Today was the Primary Program. Kathryn sang out full board and Elizabeth, Michael and I enjoyed it very much. Kathryn said her part very clearly and said that she did it all by herself "because she's 5 now".
Kathryn's Part: "I can prepare to serve a mission by reading the scriptures and learning songs about Jesus"

Halloween Snacks for PreSchool

So we had some fun with Kathryn's Snack day. First we started with round sugar cookies and made them into mummies. Then Kathryn colored some eyeball and some fingers and we taped the little signs to mason jars. In the jar labeled eyeballs, we put grapes and in the mason jar with the label of fingers, we put fresh green beans. Kathryn got a big kick out of this!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Short Hair!

Kathryn got at haircut today!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Afternoon at Boyds' Orchard

Kathryn and Elizabeth

Dad, Mom, Kathryn and Elizabeth took a drive to Boyds Orchard for some apples and fun. 

Kathryn explored all of the slides, the pirate ship and the hay bails for adventure
Elizabeth needed a nap