Friday, January 30, 2009

Birthday Time

I didn't post any pictures of Christian/my birthday. He and Michael were at an out-of-town swim meet so we celebrated a few days later. So Now, a couple weeks later, I thought I'd post some pictures.

Christian is 18 and such a great guy to have around. We love him tons!!

Icy Snow Daze on our Street

I asked Jonathan to take some pictures of our street to show what it looks like after an ice storm followed by a snow frosting. Here are some he took:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Demonstrating Ice Capades on our Driveway

The boys were trying to get me out of the driveway (had to move a car first which had a half inch thick film of ice all over it). What I didn't get on film was how it took Michael 5 minutes to go across the street and give our neighbor, Barbara, her mail. He kept slipping back down her driveway while holding her mail.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I have a lot of wishes but they have to be tempered. More importantly I am grateful. And on a day when I mark one more year of my small life, I am grateful for parents willing to bring me into this world, were willing to take care of me and took the time to work with me in my life choices before I left home. I am deeply grateful that they never have stopped being parents to me.
I am grateful for the good times and humbled by the tough times. Life is very hard when I work at doing things the wisest ways. It's easy when I let go and have the "so what" attitude. So there must be something to living a life where we are willing to grow and stretch.
I am soooooo grateful for a family who loves me. I am grateful that I am able see some of the fruits of many years of invested time in raising our children. I am grateful that Mark hasn't given up on us in a world where that is common place.
God is good to us. He is loving and patient as is our Savior. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have a Savior who takes a personal interest in what I need and who I need to be. I am really happy, even in tough times, when I rely on His wisdom and counsel.
Anyway, this is kinda personal for this blog but, oh well. It's my birthday. :)
Another year older and hopefully a little wiser.
Signing out,
One silly woman who loves her family and friends a TON.


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