Friday, March 9, 2012

So Helpful. . .

Mommy is trying to get stronger and lose some weight and would really like to be able to do her ab workout. . .

Saturday, December 31, 2011

White Elephant Game highlights and such

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were very fun filled and food filled at Ben and Amanda's. We had an awesome White Elephant Gift exchange on Christmas Eve and enjoyed our attempt at Gingerbread Houses on Christmas Day. Mostly we ate and ate and ate!!!!

Elizabeth is all Smiles 

Daddy, Elizabeth and Mommy

Jonathan lookin sharp during the White Elephant Gift fun

Nice Hair!

I really want hair!!! Thanks for stealing this for me Mommy

Mia and Kathryn playing

Mommy and Grandma Ilene helped Kathryn put the walls up on her Gingerbread House

Disneyland with the Cousins

Mommy, Michael and Kathryn on the tea cups

So most people know that Disneyland is both beautiful at Christmas and BUSY!!! We lucked out. It was beautiful and not crazy busy. Mark and I and our kiddos took our time and got to Disneyland around 10am. The cousins got there early to do some things with the characters so we caught up with them. The Teacups was the first ride that we went on. Michael and Mommy and Kathryn got on and boy did we go fast!!! 
Uncle Jonathan and Mommy on It's a Small World with the Cousins and Kathryn

The look on Kathryn's face made it all worth it. She was bright-eyed about every little thing that day. 
We had a blast on the rides that we went on with the cousins. 

Uncle Jonathan, Owen and Jonathan

Friday, December 30, 2011

What a Day!!

Oh the fun Ladies!

Sara with Josh, Joey, Kate and Matt

Mark and Kim Richardson

Aunt Amanda and Harrison

The Leavitt's
Mark and I and our family had quite a glorious day. Besides the fact that several of us were ill and all were sleep deprived, Lauren and Kyle's wedding day was perfect!!!!

The Bride and Groom Dance
It started early and ended late with a beautiful spiritual start at the temple with a perfect Wedding at 12 noon. We all then took pictures and gathered at Lakeside Wedding Venue on the NW side of Las Vegas for a fun filled wedding reception which included great food, fun friends, silly photos and grooving on the dance floor. The Bride and Groom spent their first night in the Honeymoon Suite at Planet Hollywood and on to San Diego for their Honeymoon.

The Sweetheart Cake

Uncle Jonathan, Aunt Ange with Mia, Claire and Owen

Kathryn, Kate, Mia, Matt and Josh

Reese and Megan

Aunt Mari, Uncle Adam and Des (where are those cute twins!!!)

The Bride and Groom!!

Aunt Jill, Grandma and Grandpa Moody, Aunt Michelle

We all enjoyed the day and everything about it!