Thursday, December 24, 2009

More of Christmas -So helpful!

Christmas Eve

Well, it's late and we've enjoyed our family time. We have watched movies, and baked gingerbread cookies tonight. It was so much fun! We had a good laugh throughout. At one point we asked the boys to get Red Hots at the store. They came back with the big red hot candies you see in the middle of the bellies of some of the cookies. Kathryn was in full form. I'll load a couple videos.

Before bed we also read from Luke II about the Savior's birth. It was a really nice family filled night.

Gingerbread Houses?

This was a fun activity. I saw my sister's blog on their "gingerbread houses" and thought that this would definitely work with all of our big guys and little Kathryn, too. We got A LOT of graham cracker, I made a royal icing and bought some pre-made frostings and LOTS of candy and we just went at it. Mark made a Christmas "Box" to hold his candy. Lauren made a Chick-a-fillet. Jonathan and Michael made very interesting high rises with Michael's hiding a loot of candy. Christian made a skate boarding ramp. Kathryn made a cute little house and Mommy made a castle.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visiting with Santa-a Success!

Well, we had a great time visiting with Santa. Kathryn still talks about Santa and wants to see him again. So fun. When asked what she told Santa she says, "Toys!"
Fun times!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kathryn's Dancing

So I just couldn't wait. I caught on video a moment that I will save for viewing in later years. . . but it wouldn't upload here so we'll have to settle for pictures and the video will be on facebook. The girls were so good and so cute with their little performance for us Mom's and Grandma.

We've had Miss Sara teaching the girls some ballet and tap at our house for a few weeks. It's been a good group and a good experience for the very little ones. . . .


Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgivng Day Hooray!!!

So It is h
unting season in the mountains. . . . We all had a little orange on our persons throughout the weekend. We tried to capture the very attractive, subtle hues in our attire.

As for the "table shots" I caught everyone at their very best (tee hee). We had a wonderful meal. The preparation was a blast. I think the kick off of the cooking with operation turkey was just perfect for an Ellsworth/Steiner gathering.

In these
Jonathan working the Tractor,
Turkey Operation,
The Meal,
Target practice set up,
Cousin Braw
l on the Stairs,
Father/Son Computer time.