Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Glorious Moment

we had a wonderful Baptism for Florence on Saturday Afternoon.

She has been coming to church with us for a while and we've truly enjoyed getting to know her and her son.

Mark could speak French with her to help answer her questions. Florence asked Mark to baptize her in French. It was really great to hear him and wonderful to see her so happy after years of difficulty. We are grateful to be a part of her baptism and new beginnings.

Just Hanging out with big Sis

Lauren was leaving the next day and we were enjoying just visiting and being together.

One thing that we have learned to value is the time we have together and the things we can do with each other.

Elizabeth found her toes!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kathryn's Unbirthday

Well, Lauren wanted to make cupcakes and this started a flurry of fun. It turned into Kathryn's Unbirthday.

Talk about making a little girl smile!

Sooooooo fun

Choc Cupcakes-Frugal Decor

Well, there is a cupcake movement in our home this week. Lauren is on her second batch and this time chocolate. Over time I have collected the sprinkles from Pilbury Frosings, if I don't use them. The frosting with the sprinkles is the same price as the frosting without. So I'd buy the ones with sprinkles and save the sprinkles. These have really come in handy for moments like this when the baking and fun is very unplanned and at the end of a tight budget week. See for yourself how cute and easy:

Mark in New Mexico

Dad is in New Mexico this weekend working on rental stuff. He had time to go to Santa Fe and there was a huge Festival. Here are some pictures from that.

The Nachos were amazing, according to him and they sure do look tasty!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Little Angel

Here are some new pictures of Elizabeth. She fell asleep on Daddy's side of the bed while Mommy was talking to Daddy on the phone.

Call us crazy but we think she looks like a swimmer :)

Crib Time is Play Time!! Now that she's rolling over, things are getting a bit more fun in the Crib. As one of her onesie's from big sis says, "Party in my Crib"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of Pre-School School

Kathryn was sooooo excited this morning for her first day of pre-school.

She decided to wear her sparkle shoes (Toms that her big sis gave her for Christmas) and wear a bow instead of a headband.

She had her bag for class. When we got there she went right to her spot to hang her bag up and then into her class. Should be lots of fun!

With the Cousins on the Hunt

Aunt Emily discovered that we have some Geodes at the farm so a quick visit turned into a hunt.

The hunt was successful. Yeah!