Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Gently He was, and patient under affliction,
merciful and long-suffering in dealing with contrite sinners,
yet stern and inflexible in the presence of hypocrisy, and unsparing in
His denunciation of persistent evil-doers.
His mood was adapted to the conditions to which He addressed himself,
tender words of encouragement or
burning expletives of righteous indignation issued with equal fluency from His lips.
His nature was no poetic conception of cherubic sweetness ever present,
but that of a man, with the emotions and passions essential to manhood and manliness.
He, who often wept with compassion,
at other times evinced in word and action the righteous anger of a God.
But of all His passions, however gently they rippled or strongly surged,
He was ever master.”

Monday, June 21, 2010

Water Fun Downtown Lexington

I had to do some work at the courthouse downtown.
Kathryn and Alex got to capitalize on the visit . . .
Fun in the Sun!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

So as I took a little nap. . .

I took a 20 minute nap and woke up looking for Kathryn. She is usually right by me (Mamma's girl) but this time I had to look. She heard me and whimpered a little and held up her fingers and said "blood". Now you might think I'd freak out but I could tell that it wasn't blood. She was so worried. Soooo I just walked with her into our bathroom and found the nail polish. Then I noticed the artistic toes, too and had to take pictures.
While I was wiping her fingers and toes, Kathryn asked if I was mad.
I said, "No. If you want to paint your nails, you need to keep it only on your nails."
It occurred to me at this point that I was instructing my 3 yr old in nail painting!
#5 child, I guess.
She was so glad I wasn't mad. She can thank the first 4 kiddos and many of her aunts and uncles for that. I was just glad it wasn't all over the place. That's a first when nail polish is involved.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kathryn Wanted to Take Pictures

So this is what happens when our 3 Yr Old gets a hold of the camera. . . .

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jonathan is now a TCHS Graduate!!

Jonathan had a great day yesterday! He graduated with his Tates Creek High School Class of 2010 at Rupp Arena. The program went really well. We enjoyed the speakers and cheering for our graduate.

Christian printed off a picture of Lauren and brought it so that she could "be with us" at Jonathan's graduation. We had some fun with that. Kathryn held up really well through the event, too.

Mark's sister, was here from Virginia for Jonathan. We enjoyed having her there.

It's just a very good experience to watch these big guys make good decisions and work through life's issues to this point. Graduating from High School matters a lot in the long term as preparation for all of the opportunities ahead. We're sooooo proud of Jonathan for hanging in there and staying on task until the end (as hard as that can be for Seniors!). He made it!!!

As a family we really wish Jonathan th
e very bestest college year ever!

Also a best wishes for Alexandria, too.

Jonathan's High School Graduation Walk!