Monday, October 27, 2008

Christian's Senior Pictures

Here are some of Christian's Senior Pictures:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Here are some pictures from our night of Halloween activities (Ward Trunk or Treat and Youth Dance/Activity at Church)
Kathryn in her cousin Kate's outfit, Kathryn with her silly Mommy, our trunk, the Krebs' "trunk", a Halloween soulmate, Kathryn staying warm in the car and enjoying her treats, the boys at their youth activity. Michael was Obama, Christian was a Gangsta, Jonathan was (I can't remember) :)

First Bus Ride

Well, Christian, Michael, Kathryn and I went to a swim meet in northern KY today. We had a very nice time. One thing that the hosting team had to do was to shuttle the swim meet attendees from a parkinglot close by to the swimming facilities because of parking issues there. When we found our way to the site for parking, we waited for the shuttle and low and behold it was a school bus! Kathryn was so excited-that is until she actually had to step on the high strange steps. Then is was La Resistance. Once we got into our seats and started singing, "The Wheels on the Bus", all was well. Then that's all she could talk about. Once she was tired of the meet (an hour and a half before the boys were done) she started to try to convince me that we needed to go on the bus. That was fun. ;(

Here are some pictures. The one with Kathryn shoving her elbow into Christian's chin is a classic for Kathryn. The boys were teasing her.

Mark and BYU Parents Weekend

Mark decided to opt out of attending a really important meeting in order to spend the weekend with Lauren for Parents' Weekend at BYU. Lauren has been looking so forward to his coming. She's called, emailed and texted him about different things that they could do.

One thing that she had going on was one of her first swim meets for BYU. She was so glad that Mark was there. Not only did Mark come but my sister Sara and her kids went and Mark's parents went.

Mark and Lauren also toured some areas of campus where Lauren is taking classes. Mark has met more of the kids Lauren is hanging out with.

Anyway, it sounds like it's been a great time for both.

The pictures of the meet were taken by Sara for me. ;)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pray and Fast for our Country

I sent out an email about a nice idea someone has that on the 3rd of November we all fast and pray for our elections and the process of them. I know not everyone is highly religious so this might sound a little different. But it really is a matter of focusing on softening hearts and tuning in to what is important and what is best for the country over all. This morning I actually had a minute before getting our little one up and read this:
". . . for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
21 Howbeit this
kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. " (Matthew 17:20-21)
Very timely thought for the morning.
For me in my life, fasting and praying/meditating has been a very strengthening and calming act. No matter what you're affiliation(s), it's a positive thing.
Have a great day!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

She wanted a Smile

Our Pumpkin was looking like it was going to start going bad and we didn't want to lose out on the pumpkin seeds which we LOVE to cook. Sooooo we carved a pumpkin for Kathryn. Kathryn wanted a smile so she got it. After taking a good look at the happy pumpkin, she gave him a pat and a kiss on the cheek. Happy Pumpkin.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going to bed with Lauren

Kathryn LOVES her siblings. She has had a couple special nights with Lauren in the last couple weeks. The first time was one evening when she was whining for Lauren. We look at Lauren's pictures and videos on facebook and around the house but it wasn't quite enough. So when we got a hold of Lauren, Kathryn took the telephone, which was on speaker, and chatted with Lauren. At one point Kathryn put the phone down on the Fam. Rm. carpet and started jumping and dancing for Lauren. Lauren could hear the thuds on the floor. Then after about 15 minutes of singing, dancing, and chatting, it was Kathryn's bedtime. Everytime we said "good night" or "good bye" Kathryn would just keep talking away with her big sister. So I gave in and just let her take Lauren to bed with her. Yep. The phone, on speaker, with her special big sister on the other end went to bed with Kathryn. Now the sweetest thing about it for me was that, Kathryn, who doesn't go to bed well or sleep well at all, feel asleep very peacefully and didn't need Mommy to be close by. Why would she? She had Lowen. ;)

This picture is of the next time that Lauren went to bed with Kathryn.

Sometimes the Lord calms the storm
Sometimes He lets the storm rage and
He calms His children

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mornings in the Park

Mark and I were catching up on all of yesterday's events and decisions and family stuff when Mark told me about his morning run in the park. Mark is a much better story teller than I am but I'll give it a go and maybe he can add his comments later.
Early, very early, Wednesday morning, while it was still dark, Mark was running his laps around the park right by our Las Vegas home. While he runs, he is very aware of people around him and animals, etc. Well, there was a man walking, probably about 60 or so with headphones on walking laps around the park at the same time.
Mark said that as he was running right when he was running past this walking man, the man screamed at the top of his lungs like Mark had hurt him! Mark was so scared that he jumped. He said that he almost jumped right out of his shoes, it scared him so badly!
I just started laughing uncontrollably. Here we have a 60+ yr old screaming at a 40+ yr old running by him and completely out of the blue. Where is the dignity? Does any of this make sense? I wish I had been a bug on the tree to see it unfold.
So I asked Mark today if he saw the man again. He said that he did that that as he was running closer to the guy, he yelled out a couple times, "Behind you" "behing you" just to make sure he didn't give the guy a heart attack. I guess the guy didn't even acknowledge Mark. Poor Mark he has some pretty good adventures.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Michael's Inovations

One Sunday a couple weeks ago Michael utilized not only 1/3 of the basement but the stairway for inventing and reinventing mini golf in our home. He used boxes, videos, poles, brooms, chairs, pvc pipe and just about anything else that would work. I caught a brief trial run for one of his courses.

Some Fall Football Fun

Michael is in the Black Shorts and Black shirt. Kathryn is in the pink jogging suit.

Lauren makes me Laugh

Lauren posted a video of her and her friends at the BYU football game with them doing the BYU Cougars Cheer. The camera films each section of the stadium cheering "B!", "Y!", "U", "Cougars!" and whips around and Lauren pops up and yells in a happy cheer, "B!". Kathryn just started laughing a big belly laugh the first time she saw it. Then she said, "Again!". So I played it over about 15 times. That was the first round. This video is the second round on about the 10th time.

This is for our Neighbors we love

We were on our way to Las Vegas from dropping Lauren off in Provo and we started chatting about Kathryn's favorite neighbor, Baily.

Kathryn (and Mommy) had such a nice visit with Baily's family. :)

We miss you guys!

More Cousins At Play

More fun on the Frazier Playground!

And One more of the kids . . . . .

From our

BYU Sendoff Trip in late August with Lauren. We visited with Julie and her family, Sara and her family and Jonthan and his family. Here are some fun video clips I finally figured out how to post.

Sara worked so hard to push the girls. Such entertainment! Such Stamina! What lovely, flowy hair!

Just a thought

I know that many are just starting to feel the economic downturn. I hope you're hanging in there. Things are going to continue to ripple, so it seems for a while. Mark and I have felt it for over a year. Las Vegas took the first and swiftest hits. We have seen and heard of people as young as 30 having strokes and heart attacks. I just want to say that I hope things are good for our friends and family. I hope and pray that we all are able to walk through the trials of the next year or two at least knowing that we are happy with our spouses, children, loved ones and/or friends. You all mean the world to us no matter what we've been through. Take care and keep in touch. I hope that our blog can bring love and smiles to your faces.
Love so much,

Sista Chat

Kathryn LOVES the sound of Lauren's voice on the phone. The Sista's chat away. Sometimes Kathryn just listens in awe.

Sometimes she hangs up on Lauren

Sometimes she just walks around or dances as if showing Lauren her moves while Lauren talks :)

Hi Mr. Mark!

Kathryn and Carli loving the swings at Shilo Park