Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blessing Elizabeth

Sunday was Elizabeth's Special Day.
Daddy blessed Elizabeth at church.
She wore the same dress as her sisters and all went very well. Here are some pictures:ere are some pictures:

Our Family's Farmville

Jonathan was the family photographer during our farming time.
Jonathan, Michael and Dad spent over 8 hours working on the farm Saturday.
Mom and the little girls were there for about 4 hours digging, raking and planting.
It was hot and sunny and we beat the rain!

Field Day Fun

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Singing "My Old Kentucky Home"

And the kids sang it beautifully!! Kathryn is in the middle row.
I tried to keep the camera centered on her.

Pre-school Music Program

Friday, May 6, 2011

Science Projects in Pre-School!

We finished off our eventful Friday with a science project or two in Kathryn's class.

First, we showed the dead bumble bee we found in the yard the day before. ooooooh!

Second, we made secret messages/pictures with lemon juice. Ahhhhhh!

Third, we made gooey ooooey slime for everyone to see and feel. Clap!!!!

Overall, it went well but not flawlessly. Thank goodness pre-schoolers are completely thrilled with big brothers and baby sisters visiting, putting hands in weird stuff, and messing around with juice!

Very fun Morning in Ms. Allen's class.