Saturday, December 31, 2011

Disneyland with the Cousins

Mommy, Michael and Kathryn on the tea cups

So most people know that Disneyland is both beautiful at Christmas and BUSY!!! We lucked out. It was beautiful and not crazy busy. Mark and I and our kiddos took our time and got to Disneyland around 10am. The cousins got there early to do some things with the characters so we caught up with them. The Teacups was the first ride that we went on. Michael and Mommy and Kathryn got on and boy did we go fast!!! 
Uncle Jonathan and Mommy on It's a Small World with the Cousins and Kathryn

The look on Kathryn's face made it all worth it. She was bright-eyed about every little thing that day. 
We had a blast on the rides that we went on with the cousins. 

Uncle Jonathan, Owen and Jonathan

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