Friday, May 2, 2008

Going Green

Well, by now most everyone that we come in contact with on a daily basis and our families know that we are moving our family to Lexington, Kentucky.

It's not a new idea for us. We've had a second home in Lexington for about 4 years now. Mark had been traveling back and forth for about that time as we've been running our business' in each state. But now we'll just change the home base to the green hills of Kentucky.

For those of you who might say, "why Kentucky?", well, Mark grew up in Lexington and we've loved it from day one. We almost moved there right out of college but couldn't get in-state tuition so we went to Las Vegas where we've been for almost 20 years.

Vegas has been so good to us. We have very strong roots here. The people we've lived by, gone to church with, shared ball fields, pools, and ball courts with, and hung out with in general mean so much to us.

We have very caring friends who have been with us through thick and thin.
This will be hard in the aspect of leaving such great people, but we are ready.

Some things that make this transition a little easier:

  • The boys are all going to be in high school at Mark's alma mater and think that's pretty cool.
  • Lauren will be off at BYU swimming and doing her thing.
  • We have a small farm that we are thinking about utilizing.
  • The kids will all continue with sports, scouting, working, driving, etc. just like here. They've met several kids through swimming and church already over the past several years. So there's a comfort in the move.
  • Ultimately, we feel inspired to do it now

    Anyway, We'll still be around our Las Vegas home-Mark and the college kids will be in and out over the next couple years quite a bit. Sherrill will be, too. Who knows, we might not stay away!

We're going to try to see everyone around Lauren's graduation at the beginning of June.
This is a big time for us. Aside from our move, our first child is off and running soon (if she doesn't pull her hair out this week preparing for 3 AP exams).

*****We want everyone in Las Vegas to know how much we love them
and we will keep in touch.*****

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