Monday, March 16, 2009

The pictures of us are kinda funny because it was so cold and the guys weren't ready for me when I took theirs. Oh well.
These pictures are of our trip to Somerset, KY. We had a speaking assignment in Monticello and stopped by to see where Mark's 5th and the kids' 6th Great Grandparents were buried. It was a very good experience had by all of us trying to find the oldest graves in this graveyard (even if you can't tell :) )


Ellsworth Family said...

Speaking engagement? Are you and Mark famous and we dont know about it?

Sherrill said...

No I just wanted to sound like it. :) That's what happens when you update your blog under duress. Now I'm writing in my journal under duress!!!!! (sp?)

Jacquie said...

We did the same thing last summer, my dad showed us the church my greatX4 grandfather built. We saw lots of old graves and saw our family name all over. It was very interesting. I haven't heard from you in awhile. How have you been?