Thursday, May 28, 2009

Toddler still?

What a day! Miss Kathryn is going to run Mommy into the ground on days like this.
Nail Polish everywhere and not a fun pain free clean up on the skin! Rice Krispies everywhere. Hand in fresh drywall mud. Potty training. More spills. And so much more. No wonder she was able to just drop at bedtime in her newly converted crib/toddler bed! Now it's Mommy's turn!
Nighty night.


Ellsworth Family said...

Oh the joys! Not really. Hope tomorrow is better for you.

Julee said...

Oh my my! She'll keep you young, Sherry...and worn out. :)

lanakae said...

Hope you had a good night sleep!

The DeMille Digest said...

Wow...she is getting so big! Have fun with!