Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Some Moments

No pictures with this entry just some giggles as I write.

** Now that we have Lauren back in College and Mark still traveling a lot, we keep technology on it's toes. So lately Kathryn has learned to talk to Lauren and Mark on speaker on the cell phone. She will take the phone with Mark or Lauren talking to her and play "Hide and Seek" with the phone/with them. She hides the phone and counts and pretends to look for them. Then she has them count and then she lets them know where she is and that they found her. I am also the invisible hand at time helping to hide or find Kathryn with the phone in my hand. It's really funny. She loves it.
Her latest fun during her conversations is to actually take the phone while they are chatting and put them somewhere. She took the phone from me with Lauren on it and put "her"in the backpack. When I yelled out to Lauren that Kathryn had put her in the backpack, Lauren started to sing "I'm in the Backpack, I'm in the backpack" over and over with some other funny comments to Kathryn as Kathryn carried her around on her back in the backpack. This went on for 30 minutes! What a big sister!

** 3 nights ago I was putting Kathryn to bed. Now with all of the kids, we've told bedtime stories, sung them songs, and said prayers together. I've always had some kind of music going for the kids. One soundtrack that I would play regularly was the soundtrack from the musical "My Turn on Earth". Great, simple inspirational songs. So I hadn't sung the theme song to Kathryn yet and decided that I'd pull that one out of my head and sing it to her. She was a bit squirmy but she kind of settled in. When I got to the chorus and started to softly sing, "My turn, it's my turn" she looked over the side of her bed (I was laying on the carpet next to her bed). . . "it ends with death it begins with birth and it's my turn, it's my turn, it's my turn on earth" I sang the next part and got to the chorus again, "It's my turn" the next thing I hear is a deep 2 year old voice "it's my turn" and then I sang and then she mocked me again with her deep "it's my turn". WHATEVER!! I just started laughing. It's evident that the big deep voices of her brothers have had a huge imprint on her brain. :)

** Now in Lexington on about 1 out of every 3 cars there is some kind of UK sticker, sign, or symbol showing support for the University. There are big UK's on the back of cars and broad blue KENTUCKY's on the windows. There are also blue paw prints (represents the Kentucky Wildcats). Well, Kathryn must have just noticed. We were driving and she excitedly yelled, "Mommy! Mommy! It's a clue!!!" I said, "What?" She said, "It's a Clue Mommy, a Clue!" Then I got it. She loves watching Blues clues and sure enough on the side of the car right by us was a blue paw print which means that there is a clue (in the kids show "Blues Clues"). After I got done acknowledging this and laughing, too. I should have had said, "Hey let's get out the handy dandy notebook!"

Fun times.


Gardners said...

Cute! How much do we love the almost 3 year old minds developing around us!!

Sara C said...

So so so cute!

Ellsworth Family said...

Thank you for the Kathryn updates, I am cracking up at all these stories, what a cutie she is. I just love how Lauren plays with her, it is so sweet. Give her kisses, I miss her and I miss you!