Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gingerbread Houses?

This was a fun activity. I saw my sister's blog on their "gingerbread houses" and thought that this would definitely work with all of our big guys and little Kathryn, too. We got A LOT of graham cracker, I made a royal icing and bought some pre-made frostings and LOTS of candy and we just went at it. Mark made a Christmas "Box" to hold his candy. Lauren made a Chick-a-fillet. Jonathan and Michael made very interesting high rises with Michael's hiding a loot of candy. Christian made a skate boarding ramp. Kathryn made a cute little house and Mommy made a castle.


Lora said...

So fun to have the kids home!

rebecca said...

I'm so impressed! Such creativity....I love the Chickfil-a & the structures to store yet more candy. Fun stuff!

Julia said...

Love it! And love seeing all of the kids together!