Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playroom Painted!

So I have to say that it is sure a good feeling to be DONE with this project. Because of health issues, I wanted to make sure I didn't zoom through it in a week. I finished this project in 2 months doing a little every day.
With a new little one on the way, old paint and a need to organize, I acted on an inpired little boy's room and the darling paint job that his parents did for him.

I took two matching pillows with different designs and pulled the color scheme. You can see one of those pillows by the bookshelf.

I picked out 3 colors to start with and then bought a color or two a week along the way making sure they went well with the pillows and with each other. I found paint on sale that matched (in the "Ooops" section) and found some good colors at Walmart where the paint is less expensive.

The far wall with the window is all chalkboard paint purchased at HomeDepot. There are 16 colors to choose from! It rolled on great. I made sure that Kathryn didn't know about being able to write on the walls until at least 3 days later so that the paint really set.

I ordered magnet powder that you mix in with primer and painted under the green, orange and pink on the right side of the room. I made sure that I let that set and applied 2 coats. It's a little grainy. Then I applied 2 coats of paint on top. The magnets need to be strong magnets to work consistently. We have done this before and the kids love it. As you can see, Kathryn has already displayed letters and pictures she loves.

In the dress up corner, I took my cupons to Hobby Lobby and bought some cute pegs and painted them in all of the colors of the room. The mirrror was free from someone's discards from few years back. I already had the rug which I think I got about 4 years ago. The rocking chair was one that I bought 2 years ago from a carpetner in Madison County.

The ceiling is a flat paint and everything else is satain paint. I was able to buy in quarts which made two full squares of color. Fo r some of the colors, that was all that I needed.

Fun project. Big project. So happy with the outcome!




rebecca said...

It turned out great! I love the magnet walls.

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Ange said...

it turned out really great. Love all the colors.

Lora said...

Oh how fun!!

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