Friday, January 25, 2008

What's in a Week?

This week is about as normal as they come for us.
For Christian, Kathryn and I it meant that we were in Long Beach, California at the Grand Prix Swim Meet. We had a very nice trip together. Michael Phelps was at this meet along with several other fantastic, World Class swimmers. What a great opportunity for Christian to be a part of that kind of a caliber of swimmers.
I was there with Christian as a support to him and it's a good thing I was. His former Coach and teammates couldn't control their contempt for him the first day we were there. Everything was fine on Monday. We switched teams because Christian was attacked and the Coach didn't discipline the swimmer-one of his top swimmers-to match what happened. We saw that our kids wouldn't be safe. We then reported the attack to the police and the swimmer who attacked Christian is having charges pressed against him. In an effort to help support Christian and distract him from the stress of having this swimmer at the meet along with the former coach, I kept my attitude positive and constructive and didn't tell him about what the Coach said to me.
Anyway, while we were in California, we spent Sunday driving around the City that I grew up in and then drove out to see Grandpa, Grandma Ilene, Uncle Ben, Aunt Amanda and cousins Harrison and Sam. We had a really nice family dinner with a lot of visiting.
Kathryn danced for Grandpa and Grandma and played with her cousins. Christian took all of the little ones on the trampoline for some fun fun jumping.
It's so nice to be able to visit with family. There is an affirmation of who we are and that there are supportive, loving people in our lives who take us for who we are and are interested in our improvements and successes.

The foods we enjoyed on this trip: two trips to In-N-Out, lots of Sushi, a Diane Salad from Green Street East and a yummy chicken dinner at Grandpa and Grandmas.

Kathryn was a challenge but did really well all weekend long. She is a typical toddler and full of curiosity and life. We went out on the beach at the pool, walked a lot around the pool-both in and out of the stroller and chatted with the nice people we met. Her little furry boots were a real hit with all of the kids and adults. She looked like a little swimmer-to-be.

Tuesday through Thursday were busy with ortho appointments, school, errands and calendaring all of the upcoming events.

Lauren is our Senior in High School. She applied to several colleges and found out that she got into her first choice, BYU, before Christmas. She had a "walk on" letter from the head coach so she has been planning on swimming and going to BYU. Well, on Wednesday, she found out that she also got into BYU Hawaii! That's a very hard school for mainland students to get into. Mark and I are very proud of her.

Today, Friday, the four oldest kids in the house, Lauren, Christian, Jonathan and Michael, have the day off of school so they are now up and going and have lots of plans today. Everyone is off to the Chiropractor! We haven't been very diligent in going this past year. Lauren is going to help me with Kathryn so that I can get some really important tasks done for the family and our businesses in Kentucky.

So life is busy and fulfilling around here. We're always on the move!


Rebecca said...

Nice blog, sis! I'll be a regular visitor:) I'm so glad Christian had a good time in CA and you're such a good mom to keep him focused. We're excited for Lauren. How great that she has good choices for college! We're so proud of her!

Jacquie said...

Wow, aren't children's sports challanging at times? I just finished coaching volleyball for girls 9-11 and I will be posting my interesting experiences. I will do it again next year, because I did really enjoy it, just a few hiccups. I am so glad Christian is safe and you were there to be by his side.
I am SO... glad you are blogging, it is such a great way to reach out to family and friends and journal your families adventures so you can remember EVERYTHING! I have added you to my bloggin buddies list on my blog.
My friend, Elizabeth Frost and her husband Nathan went to BYU Hawaii, I think he did, I know he went to one of the BYU's for sure. What an honor for Lauren. Congrats! You must be so proud! Keep on posting I love reading.

Take Care,