Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great People

My Own Thoughts as a Daughter
Many times in our lives we are blessed with great people. These people are not great because they have great powers, or have great wealth, or have numerous powerful contacts. They are not great because of the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the places they travel to, or the food they eat. These people are great because in their lives they contribute to our lives in positive, constructive ways. They are great because they become people we relate to, we trust. And maybe best of all, they are great because we can learn from them.
I have been blessed with a great Father.
My Father is a great listener.
My Father is a great learner.
My Father is a great teacher.
My Father is a great supporter.
My Father is a great friend.

My Father has assisted me in making changes in my life that have shaped my life into a more fulfilling process. He has not pushed or pulled excessively. He has lightly suggested when asked.

With the example that my Father sets for me in how he handles his challenges I have been able to make some remarkable decisions in my own life. He thinks things through. He considers everyone involved. He prays and fasts to find real answers. He asks the right questions. He has followed his heart, and better yet, the Spirit, in what he talks about and how he discusses things.

He has never let me off the hook when I have been wrong yet he has never condemned me for my own foibles. He is ok with my pace of learning and applying knowledge.
He wants to know my likes, hobbies, and thoughts. I know that my Father will always want what is best for me not what he thinks I should be. He loves me for me.
That is why I can trust him and why I say with all sincerity he really is my friend.

He seems to be at peace with himself and his life's process. That is comforting to me. He's not too cool to do all of these things. His image is the last thing he worries about. He does not like a lot of attention for himself. He gladly gives the limelight away and cheers the start of the moment on.

How he works with his family members, and how he respects and loves those that have set examples for him has a large impact on me. I am able to see how to calmly, humbly, and patiently develope the most important relationships in my life. Even if I am not perfect in this area, he doesn't interefere with his own agenda.

I might not live close to my Father, but I feel very close to him. He lets me into his life and wants to be a part of mine. We don't even talk every week, and we both know that we love each other and that we'd do anything to help each other.




I love you with all of my heart, Dad. I might not be perfect , but I know I'm loved. You know Dad, the most wonderful example as a daughter that I've ever had of the love the Savior has for me has come from you. You are a great man, a great Father.

Thank you again and again and again and again.
Eternally your daughter (like it or not)


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Adam E. said...

Profound insights eloquently written.