Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Off to their Dad's Alma Mater

This morning is a morning that Mark can't believe ever happened. His kids went to high school where he went and graduated from. The boys were more than ready to take off and see what this new place had in store for them. I made them hold still for a minute for a couple pictures before they drove off. Heres to hoping for a great year!


Our Tates Creek High School Senior


Becca said...

You Moody boys are awesome. Hats off to Christian for making this move his senior year. We hope this year is a great school year for all 3 of you boys...and Lauren at BYU!!! WooHoo!

Sherrill said...

Thanks! Today went well. BYU in 14 days!

The Dizzy Daizy said...

Handsome boys! I can't believe how much Michael takes after mom!