Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lauren's Language

So Mark told me that when he and Lauren went to the store for some groceries a couple days ago, they went up to the Check out stand where you do it yourself. they put the groceries down and then when the choice of language part came up on the screen, Lauren pressed "Spanish" and walked away!
She knows spanish. Mark knows French. Lauren got Mark good!
He's looking for her and she's just laughing!


danandjulee said...

Tee hee hee!

Julie said...

haha. That's such a good prank!

and p.s. I am offended that Heather and Jordan are on your friends list and I am not! after all, I did say the prayer in your sunday school class practically every time I visited. =)

Sherrill said...

OK!! You'd better send me your blog. And you need to visit me in Lexington 'cause I'm teaching there, too and I need your prayers. :)
PS A Bro Sakamaki said that he knows your Grandpa.