Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pictures

a) We were lucky to get pictures and
b) Yes the boys saw that Kathryn was done and used their pockets for Easter Baskets
c) I tried to film and don't promise anything but chaos

Michael Made me take this one. . . I don't see the humor ;)


The DeMille Digest said...

I love the pic with you and Kathryn. You guys look so happy and it sounds like your easter was great. I also find your sons "picture" very humorous...its totally a boy thing!

Lora said...

Cutest kids! Bryce really enjoys having your boys in class.

lanakae said...

I know why you moved to Kentucky... it's so green!! Kathryn looks so pretty!

Ellsworth Family said...

I thought Michaels picture was hilarious! Kathryn looks so cute in her Easter dress, and yay Sherry, you did Easter on Easter this year! No week later celebrations! Ha ha ha. I'm teasing because our Easter was chaotic last year too and it went smoother this year. The boys are babes and usual, keep those girls away. Love you guys!
P.S- I love the pic of you and Kathryn together, so gorgeous, you're looking hot Sherry.

Sherrill said...

OK I totally forgot about my week late Easter celebration. It's all coming back to me. What kind of crazy life is this anyway?!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

haha... I have to admit that I laughed...out loud...about the pooping eggs one. And I LOVE the picture with you and Kathryn! So cute!