Monday, October 26, 2009

We sure had a fun time visiting with friends the other night! The costumes were fun and the food was yummy! We have found some very competitive people that have been hiding out :) Check out the Smiths in these pictures!! Could you ever imagine that they'd be seen in BLUE?!!! (Well, ok, we had to wear T orange, too). It was a scary costume;)

I made the little Frankenstein cakes as well as the ghosts, the chocolate and peanutbutter mice, chocolate nutty crispy bark in the shapes of bats and ghosts, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and fudge.
There were other yummy treats like maple, carmel spice cakes, a yummy cheese dip, and homemade ice cream with dry ice all in the caldron! Very cute!


Lora said...

Thanks for having us it was fun!

Ange said...

Sherry, awesome party. Those treats look amazing and delicious! I want to bite into one of those mice!!

Julee said...

FUN party! Sherry, I think orange is your color. You've never looked so beautiful. ;)