Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Night with the Reds

So with conflicting schedules, we were destined to be home for the 4th.
We threw around some ideas for family fun and low and behold there was a Reds game AND it was Fireworks Friday, too!

We were all excited to check it out but no one was as excited as Mark who hasn't been to see his Reds since about 1983.

It was perfect warm summer weather. We had great seats with a view of the river. We were all very impressed with the skyline of Cincinnati and the whole stadium there where the Reds play.

We had some fun snacks
and watched the game.

Elizabeth was featured on the mega tron screen at one point- a budding star!!

The fireworks were amazing.
Kathryn huddled by Mom and Elizabeth slept through the whole thing.

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