Saturday, September 3, 2011

From the Pan and Into the Fire

 So we have had quite the week. This all started Saturday afternoon with Kathryn having an acute asthma attack. We took her to one hospital where she was stablized but not ok on her own. They then had her transferred to UK Childrens Hospital ER and then into ICU for two nights. Mark was her buddy for two nights in ICU because Elizabeth couldn't be there with us so Mommy had to stay with baby at home at night.
Kathryn showing us her monitor on her finger in the ER at St Jo's E.

Kathryn's first and hopefully last Ambulance ride. She had great helpers :)

More of the Ambulance ride

"I can't believe I get to go on this ride!"

"Hmmm did you see that Mommy?"

"Hey, this is OK Sis!"

A little artwork to pass some awake time

Mommy and Kathryn cuddling in ICU trying for some smiles

Kathryn gave her big Sis a wave so that Mommy could email Lauren a picture from ICU

Sweet Kathryn in ICU at UK's Children's Hospital. She got really good care

Kathryn's ICU Updo thanks to continual breathing treatments

Kathryn and Dad had Daddy Daughter Sleepovers in the ICU for 2 nights. What troopers!!

So we finally saw the miracle of the oxygen mask coming off. Kathryn fell asleep and knocked it off. Her vitals stayed steady so we watched them for a while and they stayed ok. Kathryn's test would be to maintain at least the minimum over night. So Mommy and Elizabeth gave Daddy a much needed night time break and the girls had a sleepover! It was a pretty good night with Mommy trying to sleep on a creaky bed, feed E. and keep an eye on K. Surprisingly, we all got a decent amount of sleep-just choppy. So after some more follow up check ups and appointments with her Pediatrition and Allerist, Kathryn was discharged and very happy about that, as were we all!

Kathryn was checked in the morning and she passed the test!!!
With Kathryn now out of ICU, Elizabeth could come cheer big sis up :)

Kathryn loved the balloons from Bishop and Sister Blodgett and her friend Lindsay

A Teddy Bear from the Firemen that visited!!!

Kathryn's 2nd IV Hookup is getting ready to be taken off so she can go home!!

Big sis is finally walking around and breathing on her own. Elizabeth might try the mask :)

Finally eating and getting ready to go home!!!
Kathryn was so grateful for all of the prayers and letters and cards and balloons and visits. I don't think that she'll forget any of it. She cried sweet tears when she found out that her cousins were praying for her. Then she did again when her teacher from last year called to talk to her. She was just beaming with the good feelings from all of the support and love. Thank you to all of you who turned to the Lord on her behalf. This was a huge ordeal for her little 4 year old body. We are blessed very blessed.

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