Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm Finally 5!!

Kathryn has been in high anticipation for a couple weeks. Turning 5 is a BIG deal!!

We celebrated as a family by going to Chuck E Cheeses and running around there for a fun time.

First Grandma Moody sent a fun, 
sparkly, purple skirt and leggings 
that were worn for days before the BIG day.

Then for Kathryn's birthday, she requested that she have Star Wars cookies because she thought that her friends would love them. And upon finding out that there was a princess in Star Wars, it was even better.

Then for the birthday cake, Mommy made a "Tangled" tower!! By the time that Kathryn's birthday rolled around it was leaning a little but boy was it yummy for the kids!

For the Birthday fun, Kathryn had a party where the kids ran an played, had cake, and played, opened presents and played. There were balloons and Poprocks for some fun, too.

All in all the birthday girl was a little tired, to say the least.


allyson said...

I am glad you had a fun time. Breanna does not remember many people from KY but Kathryn is one of them. I can't believe we were just doing 3 year old preschool and now they are in KG.

Simons Says said...

You always seem to amaze me with your cake decorating skills!

Betty Moody said...

What a fun birthday party. I'm so glad she liked the dancing skirt and leggings. She is a dancer for sure!