Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

We started off this great holiday by going to Jonathan's 5K run at Bunker Park. He ran with our neighbor, Jason. They had a great time. Jason took first in their age group and Jonathan took 2nd. Bunker Park is a very familiar stomping ground for our kids from when they were very little and had soccer practice. We spent more than one or two nights a week there for several years.

While we were waiting for Jonathan to come around to the finish, Mark and I noticed that Christian is now taller than Mark! They were pretty funny about it all.

Afterwards we went home and ate, showered, rested and packed. While Kathryn took her nap and Christian stayed at the house with her, the rest of us went to see Hancock with our same neighbors. We were very entertained. I like the kitchen scene, for anyone who has seen the movie.

After the movie, we headed home for BBQ time. Mark made is wonderful ribs and we enjoyed every bite. All of the kids got in the pool. Kathryn is in love with swimming. She was thrilled to be in the pool for over an hour and a half! She even beat our biggest fish, Christian, in staying in the longest! Even with that huge amount of swim time for a 21 month old, she still didn't want to get out and pitched a pretty decent fit about it.

Once the swimmers got dried and dressed, it was all about getting ready to load up the cars for tomorrow's cross country drive to our new home base in Lexington. As soon as that was all done we watched the Olympic Trials and waited for the sun to go down for our little fireworks show. Kathryn couldn't wait so she got to play with sparklers in the back while the sun was still up.

At about 8:30, we went into the front yard and had some 4th of July fun. Kathryn was a little amazed at the noise and lights. The big kids got a kick out of lighting everything, doing their strobe light dance, and watching Kathryn's reactions.

Mark said that Las Vegas is the 5th in the nation for the amount of illegal fireworks purchased. We sure could tell. It's midnight and we still see them in the air. I have to say that it sure is pretty to watch our skies here on New Year's Eve and on the 4th of July. If you can find a spot where you can see the valley, it's pretty amazing.

Anyway, everyone is in bed and most of us are off in the morning. It's been a really nice last day in Las Vegas for our Family.

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