Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moved and Working on Settling In

What an adventure we've had since July 5th! Mark and the 4 oldest kids drove across the country in 3 days. They missed seeing our Las Vegas friends/neighbors the Laytons in Independence, MO by just a few hours! That would have been fun.
They loved seeing the different landscapes and finding the lowest prices for gas they could along the way. Wildcat has forgiven us all for that crazy trip.
Kathryn and Mom/Sherrill flew out of Las Vegas and met Lauren and Mark at the Louisville airport only to eat and send Lauren back to Vegas for a swim meet in California. That's our swimmer.
Our Ivybridge home was waiting for us but I don't think it expected us to fill every nook and cranny! We are quite the big group. The unfinished basement in a favorite romping ground for the 3 huge teenage boys and new friends already. Kathryn tried to boss them around but she'll have to keep up.
Most boxes have been organized or emptied and rooms are in some semblance of order.
Still lots to do but we'll get there by the end of next week, I think!
We miss our wonderful Vegas friends and love our new friends here. We feel really blessed. We hope you all keep in touch with us! Just place comments here or email us with all of your doings, k?
Our doors are always open.

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