Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kentucky State Swim Meet

We haven't been here long but we have already been to the big Kentucky State Swim Meet. It was held in Elizabethtown, KY about an hour and 1/2 from us. The drive was green and beautiful and Kathryn did ok. We had great accomodations and close to the pool.

Christian and Michael were in the finals every night and had some good competition that pushed them to get some really good times for themselves. Christian came in 2nd in the state in the 200 Fly!

We were able to visit the Coca-Cola Museum on Saturday. There was quite a bit of interesting history linked to the years of Coca-Cola!

The boys were very patient with their little sister in tow. She had a pretty hard time during parts of the weekend but we worked through it all. At one point she was so tired and ready for her nap that she threw a huge tantrum because I wanted her to sit in her stroller while we walked back to the room for a nap. I gave up and she stood the whole way there. When we got to the hotel and I took a look at her, this is what I saw:

Can we say STUBORN!!

Anyway, we are proud of Christian and Michael and had a great time meeting new people and interacting with a very nice crowd!

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danandjulee said...

Way to go guys! That shot of Kathryn napping in her stroller is classic!!!