Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A BYU Dropoff

We did it!!! Lauren is officially a happy swimming cougar! She really is very happy with her roommates, Swim teammates, and new friends (including her 2nd cousin!). Mark and I are thrilled for her. She even liked college after 2 days of classes.

We visited the Athletic Center and her dorms and the Canon Center as well as some other key places in our 3 days of the drop off. Boy have things changed and for the better.

Kathryn loved seeing her big sister. She would yell across the quad at Helaman Halls, or the Canon Center, or the Bookstore: "Lowen!!". We all just loved it all. At one point we were dropping some items off in her room for her and Kathryn-as she has done many times- put on Lauren's shoes and walked around in them saying, "Cooote!, Cute!" (Lauren taught her that).

Here are some pictures from our visit. I'll add a couple more.

Here's Mark at the Student Athlete Center in it's 3 story lobby. Very nice with all of the athletic awards over time including a Heisman!


Becca said...

Awesome! Lauren looks VERY happy.

Anonymous said...

She looks so happy! I love that she and Kathryn got some quality sister time in at the Y. So special!