Monday, September 29, 2008

Soooo, when does a toddler stop napping?
Just about 3 days ago, Kathryn, who isn't a good sleeper to start with, wouldn't settle down for her nap. So I went in her room, laid down on the twin bed in her room and kept shushhing her to settle down. She started to settle down to the movie "Happy Feet". She loves the music and dancing on that movie. But I dozed off for a minute and woke up to her jumping up and down in her bed to a very lively song from the movie. I shusshhhed her once more and she settled down again. The next thing I know, an hour or so later, I open my eyes and look over to my quiet little girl. She looks over at me bright eyed and says, "All Done?"
What?! I got a nap and she enjoyed her movie. Such a deal. I guess we're on to bigger things than naps now.


Ellsworth Family said...

Sorry Sherry. That's a hard thing to have to give up, the naps. Hopefully its just a phase and she'll start napping again next week. Ha, ha, ha.

rebecca said...

I'm so glad you recorded this...TOO funny! Hey, I think that's quite a deal. Kathryn gets a little flick and you get a nap. Can I get in on that deal? Actually Wes still naps and I actually think he enjoys a dose of "alone time" in his crib. I have NO IDEA why...LOL.

Adam E. said...

"All done?"

That's hilarious.