Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

We want all of our family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to know that we are very grateful for all of the kindness and support during a very busy and challenging 2008 year!

During this year we've seen major changes in every aspect of our lives.
Our Lauren is off at her first year of college and working through the many challenges of balancing collegiate sports, college courses, a social life, her spiritual growth and just plain the newness of adulthood. She's a tremendous woman and we are very happy for all of her good friends, leaders and coaches who support her day in and day out. We are REALLY excited to see her for Christmas.

Christian is a new Senior at his Dad's alma mater-go Creek! He is having a great time and has great friends. He's in the Stake Youth leadership and working. Christian is still swimming and ran cross country this fall. He has put out his college applications and we're going to know this next spring where life will take him in the fall. He'll be 18 in January! Another adult in the family! We're very proud of his positive outlook and support with a move and adjustments during this last year of high school. What a great guy.

Jonathan is a Jr and really likes TCHS as well. He has been busy with football and is now around more. I think he's relieved to be able to have more study time. Jonathan is driving now! He got his license the day before the family drove out of Las Vegas, Whew! Good thing he passed. :) He is a wiz with the computer stuff in our house. You want to talk electronics, he's a buzz. As for this coming year, he gets to look forward to ACT's, SAT's and pre college stuff. Fun Fun!

Michael is a freshman at TCHS in the IB program there. He swims and also ran cross country this fall. He still loves his scouting (even after the Eagle was earned). Needless to say, Michael is a busy guy. Still social, and how do we know? He out-texted his brothers 3 to 1! Michael is still our science and math guy. He was just doing his egg drop project with a friend today. I think they liked watching the egg drop and break off the balcony!

Kathryn is 2 and really into that age! We love having her around. She is learning her colors and some letters. She loves to jump in the pool with her siblings. She seems to trust them all in the water-I wonder why? Kathryn loves Lauren's silly videos, Jonathan's babysitting, Michael's tickles, and Christian's attempts to not have her scream at him. She has started to warm up to others beyond Mom, but that seems to be a slow process.

Mark and Sherrill are working really hard to take care of the family. Mark travels quite a bit. He has seen a lot of challenges in the financial world play out for well over a year so we'd like to see some improvements soon. We are daily impressed with the growth of our kids. Not only are the boys huge now they seem to face so much in life and work through everything willing to learn as they go. Lauren isn't huge, she's the shrimpo of the first 4 and likes to joke about that now. Mark and I love watching our family grow in so many ways. It's a full life, to be sure.

As a family we have felt the hand of the Lord guide us to new places and face many challenges. We are so grateful for the love and support that you have shown us this year. All of your kind words and efforts have helped us transition into a new life pattern. Because of you, we do not feel alone. Because of you, our burdens are lighter. May the Lord bless you and yours throughout the upcoming year and always, is our hope and prayer.

Love the Moody Family,

Mark and Sherrill

Lauren, Christian, Jonathan, Michael and Kathryn

and Wildcat, too.

*In order in the picture: Michael, Christian, Lauren, Jonathan, Sherrill with Kathryn, Mark

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