Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks for the Giving

My hat is off to anyone who by the nature of the beast has to travel the day of a holiday to be with family and friends. It's stressful! We got up at 4am and barely made out first plane. Whew! Once we got to SLC and had Mark and Lauren and our loved ones around us, we knew we were ok for the duration. In fact Thanksgiving was a wonderful day!

Sisters and Sister-in-laws had been working all week to make it special and it was exactly that-

lots of great food,

lots of great visiting,

the cutest little babies to squeeze,

and Mark and I had all of our family in one place. Heaven.

I missed my 2 sisters and their families who couldn't make it. It's always a stretch to get the whole Tom/Chris Ellsworth group in one spot. We'll just keep trying. ;)

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