Sunday, September 20, 2009

4am with Kathryn-why not?

Why 4am. We don't know. But at 4am this morning (and no, I don't have pictures) Kathryn came to Mommy's side of the bed and whispered her typical (for 7 am), "Mom, I'm hungry". Mommy rolls over to see what Kathryn is saying. Kathryn repeats with no problem. Them Mommy asks (now waking up quickly), "Kathryn, why is Mommy's back all wet?" Just then Mommy feels the little cup that had been full of water and placed at Mommy's back. Kathryn replies, "You spilled my water!" Mommy is soaked. The bed is soaked.
Mommy is now WIDE awake and runs to get a big towel. A beach towel will due. Two actually.
Time for a potty break and putting the 3 yr old in bed with the TV on with Mommy and Daddy. Well, Mommy starts falling asleep but not Kathryn. NO. Now it is time for Daddy to jump in. Kathryn wants a Popsicle. Being the strict parents that we are (actually you guessed it, we were tired and desperate) Mark took her to get a Popsicle. Mommy could hear the tantrum because Kathryn wanted the pink one but Mommy wasn't budging. Once that episode was solved, the 3 yr old hopped in bed with Mommy.
Mommy: "Kathryn, where's your Popsicle?"
Kathryn just points to the book on Mommy's nightstand (Of course, why not, right?)
OK eat it Kathryn or it's outta here!
Kathryn eats it and then starts to try to wake Mommy up again to throw the stick away.
Not happening. So the 3 yr old throws it away and gets in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy.

Well, Daddy's not off the hook yet. The cat gets into the act now. Cat wants food then it's not just perfect (why would anything be perfect at now 4:45am?), then wants out.
As poor Daddy gets in bed, he decides that the cartoons aren't going to work so it's off to the couch and his news broadcast.
It's 5am and everyone is back to sleep.
Tell me WHEN the full night sleeps become consistent!!!!!

And as a follow up, all day Kathryn has reminded Mommy and Daddy all day that Mommy spilled Kathryn's water. The audacity of Mommy!


Jordan & Heather Wong said...

sounds like a long night!!! lol i cannt believe she is that old crazy how fast time flies!

Ellsworth Family said...

Kathryn and Sam are definitely related. Whenever he is getting in trounle he likes to tell me how I "took the sword away from him and that wasnt nice", "its not nice to yell at someone, we dont yell, ok mommy!" or "you looked at me funny and it made me sad" which is then followed by loud, earsplitting, fake crying. Oh yes, it sounds like they are related and possibly cut from the same cloth. I hope tonight goes better for you. Maybe fill her up on pancakes or cereal before bed.

Lauren Moody said...

Kathryn rules can send her to me if you want lol!

Julee said...

What a character! Hope you're sleeping better now.