Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turning 3!

Well, Kathryn had quite the birthday. With very little sleep from the night before and a trip to the Doctor for her double ear infection, she did little celebrating. Mommy felt so sad for Kathryn that we got the huge balloon while filling Kathryn's prescriptions. And then to Kathryn's surprise there was a fun birthday balloon out in front to greet her from our wonderful neighbors the Vonderheides! So fun! Finally at about 9pm, once everyone was actually home and done with the day's events, we were able to celebrate with a little cake and ice cream and a happier birthday girl who got to stay up much later than her regular bedtime.


rebecca said...

My girls would LOVE one of those balloons! Happy birthday to cute Kathryn! She's a doll. I hope she's feeling better.

Julee said...

It's no fair to be sick on your birthday! Looks like she was able to have a little fun in spite of not feeling well. Hope she's feeling (& sleeping)better now.

Happy Birthday, cute K! XOXOXOXXOXOXO