Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Letters, Numbers and SUGAR

I just couldn't help it. I have been watching for ideas for Kathryn's pre-school group. There's so much out there now that is fun and has some learning elements to it for little kids. So for pre-school we loaded up!!
Sadly two of our little guys were sick so it was 4 three year olds on deck by 9amish. We had to conquer the letter D and the number 4 today so we headed to the kitchen table and started with some play dough. I had made a huge batch last night so that the kids would have all that they wanted. It worked really well and if anyone got the urge to eat it, we were ok, too.
As we played with the play dough, I pulled out a plate of frosted sugar cookies that I had made that were just the letter D and the number 4. We talked about the letter D and ate one at a time as we went. Same with the number 4. It sure seemed like they were interested.
After this little fun and learning, we:
Read the book: The Cheerios Play Book and all of the kids got to help with this great little book and eat Cheerios as we went along.
We also "built" random items with a mix of marshmallows, gum drops, orange slices, and gummy worms stuck together with toothpicks. I think for every one item stuck together 4 were eaten. At the beginning everyone was getting into the building and S. was just kickin' in in his seat chowing on his gummy worm. It was so funny.
We had a couple play times ate fishy crackers, played some music, marched, and sang. At the end we all sat around the table and I gave the kids their cookie puzzles. They were frosted sugar cookie squares, one for each child, where I used cookie cutters and cut out the number 4, the letter D, and either a dinosaur or a duck. The kids really seemed to like to eat and play with their puzzles. It was interesting to see who ate theirs first and who kept theirs a little longer.
I sent them home with their candy creations, their cookie puzzles and a cupcake with a sugar cookie D on the top.
Not sure if I gave them enough sugar :)

Book: The Cheerios Play Book
Music Instruments: Melissa & Doug Musical Box
A couple cookie puzzle links:


Ange said...

Way to go. Awesome ideas!

Sara C said...

SOOOO CUTE! I wish I could have been there.

rebecca said...

I love it! Looks like a fun project my little kiddos would totally get into.

The DeMille Digest said...

Hey I am in a preschool co-op too! Great ideas! Looks like fun!