Friday, June 4, 2010

Jonathan is now a TCHS Graduate!!

Jonathan had a great day yesterday! He graduated with his Tates Creek High School Class of 2010 at Rupp Arena. The program went really well. We enjoyed the speakers and cheering for our graduate.

Christian printed off a picture of Lauren and brought it so that she could "be with us" at Jonathan's graduation. We had some fun with that. Kathryn held up really well through the event, too.

Mark's sister, was here from Virginia for Jonathan. We enjoyed having her there.

It's just a very good experience to watch these big guys make good decisions and work through life's issues to this point. Graduating from High School matters a lot in the long term as preparation for all of the opportunities ahead. We're sooooo proud of Jonathan for hanging in there and staying on task until the end (as hard as that can be for Seniors!). He made it!!!

As a family we really wish Jonathan th
e very bestest college year ever!

Also a best wishes for Alexandria, too.

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