Saturday, June 26, 2010

“Gently He was, and patient under affliction,
merciful and long-suffering in dealing with contrite sinners,
yet stern and inflexible in the presence of hypocrisy, and unsparing in
His denunciation of persistent evil-doers.
His mood was adapted to the conditions to which He addressed himself,
tender words of encouragement or
burning expletives of righteous indignation issued with equal fluency from His lips.
His nature was no poetic conception of cherubic sweetness ever present,
but that of a man, with the emotions and passions essential to manhood and manliness.
He, who often wept with compassion,
at other times evinced in word and action the righteous anger of a God.
But of all His passions, however gently they rippled or strongly surged,
He was ever master.”

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