Wednesday, April 20, 2011

As Long as Belle gets to play, too . . .

Oh Kathryn!!

Mark has worked so hard to get Kathryn to play with him. K is a natural Mamma's girl. So with a new baby coming, Mark worked on getting Kathryn to play with him while Mommy took care of Elizabeth. Kathryn started to cave!
Mark was so excited :)

So a couple days ago, they were playing. Now Kathryn doesn't like to lose so when they were "racing" and Mark "won", K was not happy.
They worked it out so that Kathryn was the one to call the race. "On your marks, get set, go!" Mark ran the course in the house. As he, the soul runner and eminent winner, came into the finish line, Kathryn yelled, "Belle won!"
Mark said, "Who's Belle?! I won!" he was laughing at her quick thinking in NOT letting Daddy win but letting her new imaginary friend win. OH BROTHER!
So today whenever they played there was the threat of a "Belle" move on Kathryn's part.
When they played "school" and Daddy raised his hand as the one and only student and with the right answer, Belle kept getting called on.
When Daddy said that he'd play "ride the horse" (in the pictures), Belle was on the other knee beside Kathryn.
The "Belle" factor is going to be legend.

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