Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2!

Day 2 was smooth sailing. We had great time with Daddy and later on with Michael and Kathryn.

Elizabeth was great and one of only 2 girls out of 20+ babies in the nursery.

Mommy was on a good road to recovery with wonderful help from nurses and Drs

Weith 3 of our family (2 in college and one serving the Lord on a Mission) not with us) we made sure that we took pictures and skyped as soon as we could to share Elizabeth with them. She is a blessing to us and these siblings that have made such great decisions before her are wonderful examples.

After 3 nights and on day 3 in the hospital, Mommy and baby Elizabeth were cleared to go home. After getting Kathryn from pre-school, Daddy and Kathryn came to the hospital and we all headed home to start enjoying our newest member.

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