Friday, April 1, 2011

Kathryn's Lullaby

My Mother, Sherrill Christine Ellsworth, used to sing two songs together in a lullaby to us children, as babies. Kathryn has learned them with her little sister coming and sang one of them to her in the hospital.
She took us by surprise and was so proud that her baby sister calmed down afterwards.
We tried to catch it on video the best we could.
It was a very sweet moment.


Ellsworth Family said...

We watched this 3 times and Ben's in tears. Good job Sherry! =). Kathryn singing to Elizabeth is so tender and sweet, I love it! Give those girls kisses for us. Love you guys!

Sherrill said...

I can relate to Ben's reaction. I was really surprised that Kathryn picked up on the lullaby like that. It meant so much to me, too.

Sara C said...


Julee said...

Absolutely precious! Kathryn is already a pro at being the big sis.

Ceseley does the same thing to Natalie - only a little more upbeat. :) Dan and I have talked about getting it on video but we haven't yet. Love these moments!!!