Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Going to bed with Lauren

Kathryn LOVES her siblings. She has had a couple special nights with Lauren in the last couple weeks. The first time was one evening when she was whining for Lauren. We look at Lauren's pictures and videos on facebook and around the house but it wasn't quite enough. So when we got a hold of Lauren, Kathryn took the telephone, which was on speaker, and chatted with Lauren. At one point Kathryn put the phone down on the Fam. Rm. carpet and started jumping and dancing for Lauren. Lauren could hear the thuds on the floor. Then after about 15 minutes of singing, dancing, and chatting, it was Kathryn's bedtime. Everytime we said "good night" or "good bye" Kathryn would just keep talking away with her big sister. So I gave in and just let her take Lauren to bed with her. Yep. The phone, on speaker, with her special big sister on the other end went to bed with Kathryn. Now the sweetest thing about it for me was that, Kathryn, who doesn't go to bed well or sleep well at all, feel asleep very peacefully and didn't need Mommy to be close by. Why would she? She had Lowen. ;)

This picture is of the next time that Lauren went to bed with Kathryn.


Sara said...

So cute! Lauren is such a good big sister.
I love the picture of your fall leaves changing color. Pretty Pretty!

rebecca said...

So sweet. I'll bet that made Lauren's day/week/month!