Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mornings in the Park

Mark and I were catching up on all of yesterday's events and decisions and family stuff when Mark told me about his morning run in the park. Mark is a much better story teller than I am but I'll give it a go and maybe he can add his comments later.
Early, very early, Wednesday morning, while it was still dark, Mark was running his laps around the park right by our Las Vegas home. While he runs, he is very aware of people around him and animals, etc. Well, there was a man walking, probably about 60 or so with headphones on walking laps around the park at the same time.
Mark said that as he was running right when he was running past this walking man, the man screamed at the top of his lungs like Mark had hurt him! Mark was so scared that he jumped. He said that he almost jumped right out of his shoes, it scared him so badly!
I just started laughing uncontrollably. Here we have a 60+ yr old screaming at a 40+ yr old running by him and completely out of the blue. Where is the dignity? Does any of this make sense? I wish I had been a bug on the tree to see it unfold.
So I asked Mark today if he saw the man again. He said that he did that that as he was running closer to the guy, he yelled out a couple times, "Behind you" "behing you" just to make sure he didn't give the guy a heart attack. I guess the guy didn't even acknowledge Mark. Poor Mark he has some pretty good adventures.


Sara said...

Sounds like Mark needs to run with a bike horn. "Beep Beep. Coming through!"

Don and Kelley said...

Oh adventures of running!!!! You have to love it. I could write a book about all the things I have seen and heard!!!!! Good thing the old man didn't have pepper spray!!!!