Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trunk or Treat

Here are some pictures from our night of Halloween activities (Ward Trunk or Treat and Youth Dance/Activity at Church)
Kathryn in her cousin Kate's outfit, Kathryn with her silly Mommy, our trunk, the Krebs' "trunk", a Halloween soulmate, Kathryn staying warm in the car and enjoying her treats, the boys at their youth activity. Michael was Obama, Christian was a Gangsta, Jonathan was (I can't remember) :)


Sara said...

Kathryn looks adorable! What a diva! Or I should say, What a couple of divas! Mom and daughter. Too cute.

Marissa said...

I forgot to tell you last night how cute Kathryn was! Cute little cheerleader!

rebecca said...

We have trunk or treat this week, so I'm liking these fun ideas. Your costumes look great!